The newco enerGQmobility BV is a joint venture of Energy Developments Holding BV, Pond by TheRockGroup BV, and some other strategic shareholders for the purpose of offering solutions for fuel savings in the logistics and mobility industry. Goal of this new venture is to be able to combine the technical knowledge of enhanced machine learning and gamification principles of Energy Developments Holding daughter enerGQ, and the business development skills and direct access to the transport industry of TheRockGroup.

enerGQ’s core business is process optimization resulting in an increase in output, energy savings and energy efficiency.

Since 2009, the Groningen based SME EnerGQ develops and markets low-cost self-learning energy management systems to a full range of organizations, from households to multinationals in all sectors of the market. Our company's mission is to contribute to global energy savings targets. by licensing its propriety intelligent algorithm based technology platform. To date, enerGQ is very successful in advanced machine learning tools and “i-CARE” digital dashboards (see picture) that assist in saving massive amounts of energy in the process industry, in offices, and in households. The fundamental principles of enerGQ are based on the fact that human activity causes excess energy consumption in operations, housekeeping, and maintenance, due to a lack of self-efficacy, knowledge, awareness, the right attitude, and the right social norms. One of the fundamental key factors for success on the transition of human energy consumption behavior is deviation energy monitoring.

TheRockGroup aspires to accelerate the transition towards a sustainable economy and society. In an advisor, entrepreneur or interim role, we support organizations to get prepared to play an economically sound role in a sustainable future.

Located in Amsterdam, with headquarters in the Royal Institute for the Tropics, TheRockGroup works with both frontrunner companies and those that just started on integrating social and environmental value creation into their core-business. Their most important driver is to work on the interface of these organizations, on topics of high societal urgency and significant commercial impact for our customers.

TRG’s expertise lies in developing and mainstreaming sustainability within organizations, supporting sustainable innovations in their commercialization process, scaling up impact, and facilitating solutions for complex societal issues. Embedding sustainability into any organization.