EnerGQmobility provides a range of services for both Airline management, Maintenance management as the Flight crew. Through the use of flight data we provide insight into the performance and fuel use of an airline’s fleet. Using machine learning techniques and flight data we determine how to improve the flight process during all stages of a flight both off- as on the ground.

Airline Management

EnerGQmobility assists airline management in unraveling of deviation between actual and planned fuel usage. Factors such as norm passenger weights versus actual passenger weights and deviating fuel flow factors can be source of difference in fuel use. Our team  helps to minimize deviations in actual versus planned fuel use and supports in getting better insight in the actuals of your fleet performance.

Data Reliability Check

  • Insight in reliability of data
  • Suggestions on how to improve data

Actual Fuel Analysis

  • Fast and accurate feedback loops to evaluate actual frame fuel use
  • Direct calculations of accurate fuel flow factors, resulting in fuel savings

Weight Deviation Analysis

  • Insight in correlations between real passengers weights and norm weight
  • Better predictions for deviations in fuel use from flight plans

Airline Maintenance

Airline maintenance is performed on a regular basis to keep fleet safe and up and running. However, from data analytics we now know that depending on a component’s type, age, usage and series a different maintenance cycle is needed to keep the airplane flying most fuel-efficient. EnerGQmobility can assist airlines in optimization of the maintenance process, developing predictive maintenance management cycles based on actual data.

Frame Analysis

  • Feedback loops on frame behaviour after maintenance, resulting in improved maintenance

Optimize Maintenance


  • Insight in fuel flow factor or different frames in relation to maintenance, age and engines
  • Suggestions to optimize the maintenance process

Flight Crew

Research has shown that the top-10 most fuel-efficient flying pilot use on average 2% less fuel than the average pilot. EnerGQmobility provides for the flight crew an in-flight intelligent assistant that enables the pilot to make well-informed decisions that can result in fuel efficiency. Enabling airlines to both safe on costs whilst becoming more environmentally friendly.

Honest Reference

EnerGQmobility provides an honest reference in the cockpit and an intelligent assistant that helps the flight crew to save fuel where possible.

Intelligent Assistant

Based on measurements during the initial cruise phase we can translate the flight plan as a result of weight deviation and fuel flow factor deviation into a more accurate prediction of fuel usage along the route given the same route and weather conditions This can be supported with SAR and SGR views during the flight.