About Us

EnerGQmobility realizes lower fuel cost and emissions for the logistics industry.Our services and solutions may be used on the road, at sea, on rail or in the air. The goal of enerGQmobility is to achieve fuel savings in the transport industry by influencing human behaviour. We can provide any organization within the transport industry with insights that provide management, maintenance, the driver, steersman or pilot in the efficiency of the transport movement the knowledge to make well informed decisions resulting in fuel-efficiency.

EnerGQmobility initiates, designs, develops and exploits fuel saving services for the logistic industry. All our work is developed using knowledge in the field of data analysis, or as we call it machine learning techniques.

The use of fuel is evident, whether it is used efficiently that’s the question.

EnerGQmobility is a Groningen based subsidiary of enerGQ and TheRockGroup.

Our approach

Our aim is to develop an independent software solution that enables an airline, ship, train or vehicle crew to operate more fuel efficient. Key for this solution is using the impact of the human factor on decisions which can be made during the trip and which complex of trip parameters and external factors influence fuel consumption. Offering to any crew information that provides a clear indication of the actual performance, compared with similar previous trips under similar circumstances. Such insight can be provided based on the application of algorithms on anonymous historical data, to be provided by the operator.

Our Team

EnerGQmobility’s team is composed of highly experienced professionals with varied and complementary skills with backgrounds in both data science, business and freight transportation. The team’s versatility is an asset when proposing innovative solutions for transportation companies.

Rob Burghard

Executive director enerGQmobility

  • Founder, enerGQ
  • Entrepreneur, innovator and team builder
  • Former business developer in energy industry
  • Former managerial positions in BD with Gasunie, Centrica and Stork
  • Commercial, strategic and versatile, knows how to develop the business

Elfrieke van Galen

Executive director enerGQmobility

  • Founder, TheRockGroup
  • Broad managerial experience in the logistics and service industry
  • Former managing Director of KLM Cityhopper and CEO of KLM UK
  • Several non-executive positions.
  • Commercial, generalist, knows how to manage and grow a company
  • Wide experience in sustainable business

Lude Feldbrugge

Technology Officer enerGQmobility

  • Founder, FelPro
  • Artificial Intelligence specialist, entrepreneur
  • Algorithmic developer for numerous energy projects
  • Project leader positions for e.g. TNO
  • Multidisciplinary, knows how to translate science to business

Liesbeth Lens

Project Management & Business Development

  • Experienced project manager
  • Knows how to get a project going
  • Multidisciplinary, background in sustainability, business & innovation
  • Business-minded

Lambert Schomaker

Scientific advisor machine learning and data science

  • Founder, DeepLearn24 BV
  • Professor in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Groningen
  • Main interest is in pattern recognition and machine learning problems.
  • Contributed to over 140 peer-reviewed publications
  • Work is cited in 23 patents
  • Member of a large number of committees in (computational) science

Basten Brusselers

Advisor Operational Design and Human Performance

  • Founder, Blue Sky Pilot BV
  • Out of the Box thinking
  • Pilot, Merchant Marine Officer/Engineer and Yacht racing Shipper
  • Expert in Operational and Design aspects and Human Performance