Optimize performance and reduce fuel consumption

Save up to 7% in fuel consumption

EnerGQ mobility offers innovative solutions to optimize performance and reduce fuel consumption for all transportation modes using machine learning techniques. Our goal is to provide tailor-made personalized decision-support solutions to use either on the road, at sea, on rail or in the air including full availability for continuous monitoring.

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EnerGQmobility provides a range of services for both Airline management, Maintenance management and the Flight crew.

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EnerGQmobility uses operational data as asset related data to assess fuel consumption to determine an optimal fuel consumption strategy for a vessel for both cargo- as cruise vessels.

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For rail management and maintenance enerGQmobility provides data-driven solutions and advice to optimize fuel and energy use.

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EnerGQmobility offers trucking companies with a data-driven approach to performance management and cargo loads to accomplish fuel savings.

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